Why The Mao Shan Wang Durian Is The King Of Fruits

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Durian is often considered the king of fruits and mao shan wang durian is considered the most superior or the “king of kings.” Although it has a quite persistent and pungent smell, which has made the fruit prohibited from being carried in several public places, it is still widely famous in Singapore for its creamy texture and bittersweet taste it has. The fruit has a bold, opaque, and vibrant yellow flesh. It is this flesh that is responsible for its infamous taste and texture. All these factors make it the most sought-after durian in all of Singapore. This durian is also known as the “Musang King”

The rise to fame of durian

Although durian was already an extremely popular fruit in Singapore, the mao shan wang rose to fame relatively recently only, after news spread about the incident where a famous Macau gambling king spent a quite hefty amount of 2000 yuan to have this durian flown in specially from Singapore to Macau. Before this D24 was the ruler of the durian and enjoyed a great amount of popularity. Mao shan wang is actually a Chinese name that literally translates to cat mountain king, which is enough to justify the royal status and fame this fruit enjoys in Singapore.

Durians are of various types and each differs in size, shape, and taste and in all aspects the mao shan wang is the most superior and that’s a reason why it retails at a morbidly high price range from 40-60 yuan per box.