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Microwave repairs are simple. Together with your tester to troubleshooting this household appliance and you can do your microwave fixes. This appliance doesn’t generate any heat Even though it is known as a microwave oven – it develops a wave. The article within the microwave consumed these oscillating waves and the molecules of the food also begin to oscillate in -+ 2.3 billion times per second. The food molecules’ motion generates this heat and friction heat cooks the meals. Before fixing this appliance, first check for visible flaws like burn black marks on the power lead, in the wall plug and within the cabin of the microwave. To get to microwave oven’s parts by unscrewing the screws you need to remove the wrapper and a few versions has two or one screws in the base of the cover. Never operate in a microwave with the power or plug in the wall socket.

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Lift Out of casing, the rear end and pull the lid backward. Microwave ovens consist just.  If the microwave is dead so that the fuse has blown and it has to be replaced. Assess where AC alternating current cord is coming to the microwave oven from the wall plug this is your AC board and on it there is always a fuse present. Putting ohms with your tester you should find a continuity reading or even replace fuse. If the microwave blows return to interlock switches. Check that the door latches grabbing when it closed and is pressing down the switches. The door latches needs lubricant and cleaning to work properly. The next thing to examine is the transformer if there is power at your controller board.

Check if electricity is entering the transformer inverter if no current is present return into the interlock switches or control board. Then the problem could in the high voltage side if electricity is moving down to your transformer. But test the high voltage fuse some microwaves do not have it between the transformer and High Voltage capacitor. You will need to substitute the electrical appliances singapore. First have an ohm reading between each terminal and body and between the two terminals a reading that is infinity should be given by it. If any different replace magnetron. A Magnetron needs to operate. You can’t measure this transformer’s output with a MultiMate that is normal. With a clamp around among the leads and it is using more or 1amp. The inverter is currently functioning.