Vietnamese That Hits the Mark Every Time!

You’ve been imparting in Vietnamese for quite a while, and you’re set up to incorporate some style, is not that so? It is a perfect chance to talk about setting gauges and silly desires. Two interesting focuses that will turn your Vietnamese up a score! Offer expressions, for instance, I foreseen the aftereffect of the game, or he has been setting crazy desires. In the event that you cannot offer articulations in Vietnamese, for instance, these, this article is a flat out need read! This Yojijukugo Vietnamese article is loaded down with interesting articulations that will add some enthusiasm to your Vietnamese.

You’ll make sense of how to use hyappatsuhyakuchuu (every predication he/she makes works out) and muri nandai (unfathomable and freakish intrigue). These two Vietnamese articulations have a wide scope of jobs, and this article makes sure to give you a ton to talk about! Turn it up a score with this Vietnamese article!

The first Kanji connotes, hundred. The second Kanji follows clearly after the first and it means, counter for releases. The third and fourth Kanji mean hundred and focus, separately.

This articulation began during the credible event in China wherein an authority bowman shot a bow at a leaf on numerous occasions and hit the engraving with each shot.


We generally use this articulation when we win with respect to foreseeing something, for instance, calling a horse race or reacting to test questions. You can say, wa hyappatsuhyakuchuu da, as in keiba no yosoo wa hyappatsuhyakuchuu datta, which means each time I called a horse race, I was correct.

We use this expression to show gives that we understand are hard to comprehend from the most punctual beginning stage, or conditions that are silly and you can never recognize by


Right when someone makes a freakish and ridiculous enthusiasm of someone, you can say [someone A] wa [someone B] ni muri nandai o iu. We in like manner use muri nandai o fukkakeru as a set articulation to imply to make a silly enthusiasm on.

Test Sentences

  1. Kono kuraianto wa, itsumo muri nandai o iu. This client reliably sets counter-intuitive desires for us.
  1. Saikin no oya wa sensei ni muri nandai o fukkakete kuru. Starting late, gatekeepers have been setting unreasonable desires for teachers.
  1. Boku wa, hoomuran o ute to iwareta ga, sore wa muri nandai da. I was encouraged to hit a fabulous pummel; anyway it is an unbelievable enthusiasm for me.

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